Graphic Novel Review: Crazy Mary by Michael Colbert [w/ JK Woodward]

Crazy MaryCrazy Mary by Michael Colbert
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A failed experiment in a military attempt to make super soldiers underlies the plot as titular character Mary is a discharged soldier with the residual ability to see radio waves among other ghostly phenomenon. The full range of her ability and why it manifests as guidance from three characters–Roswell, Loki and Hoax–isn’t explained. Outside of the army, she works as a freelancing bounty hunter with back-up support by Tweek on cyber detail and Glimmer doing who-knows-what. The six of them [3 possibly being no more than imaginary ravings of an insane mind] do everything from rescuing abducted individuals to thwarting acts of terrorism.

This sci-fi graphic novel has been written piecemeal and then shaped together. That provides for an uneven and non-linear experience made all the more apparent by the widely different styles employed by the numerous artists responsible for different chapters. No obvious effort is made to align the styles and tone. JK Woodward receives primary artistic credit.

I received my copy of this graphic novel directly from 01 Publishing through
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