Writer Interview: Gabe Yocum of Double Take’s Remote #3

Double Take, a new comic book company based out of NYC, started publishing its first series, Night of the Living Dead Revival in September 2015. The series is comprised of 10 separate titles which to date have been released as 3 Super Packs: containing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd issues of each title.

Gabe Yocum, Double Take’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator and the primary writer for the title Remote #3, came to Chicago for a comic signing. We met up for dinner and this interview. The Remote title follows radio host Samantha Stanton as the lone surviving station employee during the early hours of a zombie pandemic. Noteably, the Remote title is the most LGBT-inclusive in the Double Take Universe with no less than 3 queer primary and secondary characters in a pre-Stonewall era. Other titles push the envelope for racial issues, including multi-racial relationships and the dynamics of police-minority interactions.

JAFFA: Gabe, you’ve been the Sales and Marketing Coordinator since 6 months prior to the publication of the first issues. How did your role evolve to become also primary writer for the Remote #3 issue?

GABE: Having worked in small market radio for 7 years, for issue #2, I consulted. I wrote the news copy. And anytime Samantha Stanton was on the air, she was saying my words.

In our preliminary story crafting session for Issue #3, i asked for the opportunity to take a shot at writing the script.

J: Those story crafting sessions sound rather interesting. A fan of the Night of the Living Dead Revival had a question as to “how publishers dole out information about the universe to the writers.” Are the story crafting sessions the short answer?

G: Yes and no, the story crafting sessions are very focused on the individual title in question. But as a publisher crafting an entire universe, we felt it was important to create a master document that defines the rules of our world–what can and can’t happen and the ultimate endgame of the stories we are telling.

J: Speaking of telling stories, woven throughout NotLDR are Moth-style stories independent of the larger arcs. These latest issues even contained bios for these secondary storytellers. Your issue included one such story with Michaela Murphy’s “You Can’t Trust a Pond.” Walk me through the process of writing a story that contains another written by someone else.

G: What we’ve found in creating a new universe and, thus, many new characters is the importance of imbuing them with a backstory or some context from which the reader can draw conclusions about the characters. The stories we’ve collected have allowed us to give our brand new characters new dimensions and to flesh them out into much more well-rounded personalities.

For fan meet-and-greets and signings, Gabe will be appearing:
Feb 26th, 2016 at Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL [5-7pm]
March 5th, 2016 at 4th World Comics in Smithtown, NY [2-4pm]
March 17-20 at C2E2 in Chicago holding down the Double Take booth.

As of this writing, Gabe has sent the script for Remote #4 to editing and is in the process of writing Remote #5, both due out by mid-summer.