Howdy. My name is Jaffa Kintigh and can be found as such on Goodreads.com, here. I am a writer and avid reader living in Chicago, IL, USA. My goal is to not just chronicle and rate every book I read from this point onward, but to also review or at least share some thoughts on each book. I also would like to collect my thoughts as I go through my own writing process with the novel series I am working on.

On a limited basis, I am posting my original poetry here. I have not been actively writing poetry for a while as all writing energy goes into my urban fiction series [Three Pushers’ Paradox]. In 2009, I earned my Master’s in writing poetry. Both before and after this, I’ve done little with my poetry. I’ve never pursued finishing a chapbook, and now think posting it on this blog and sending a few select poems out may suffice. Six of my poems appeared in The Eunoia Review in mid-April 2015. Those poems are linked, here. In the distant past, I also participated in the Austin International Poetry Festival while I was living there. Two poems [“Amazonian Dance” and “Morocco”] were published in conjunction with the AIPF.

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  1. I run a small poetry press called Dink Press, and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing a few of our upcoming titles. If you’re interested please contact me at dinkpublishing@yahoo com, many, many thanks

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