Short Story Review: “Home Delivery” by Stephen King

Home DeliveryHome Delivery by Stephen King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like Night of the Living Dead, something alien from outerspace is to blame for a sudden zombie apocalypse on Earth. Beyond that, there’s little sense to the movements and motivations of the zombies and somehow the nefarious alien cause makes that okay because this tale is not about aliens nor zombies. It’s about one sheltered and indecisive woman living off the coast of Maine finding herself and her true motivations.

Maddie had been obediently following her father’s dictates for as long as she can remember. She couldn’t make a decision without him. And then he died. Some enough, she finds Jack and marries him because he treats her the same way that her father did. For better or for worse.

Then in quick succession, Maddie finds out she’s pregnant and then Jack is killed at sea in a freak accident on his lobster boat. Either she needs to find another man to boss her around or Maddie needs to find strength within herself. Enter: zombie apocalypse and a kicking baby waiting to be born . . .

Zombie tales are rarely about the zombies. They’re about the extreme shake up to the civilized routine and the reactions to that shake up. While ridiculous on the zombie front, this tale delivers on the more important second front.

This tale appears in Book of the Dead edited by John Skipp and Craig Spector. I’ve read many Stephen King novels and short stories. But since decades have passed since I’ve done so, I’ve written no reviews for them.
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