Short Story Review: “Tears for Shülna” by Andrew L. Roberts

3 of 5 stars.

Selkie folklore colors this short folktale without diving too deeply into the transmorphic creature’s mythos, or POV. Largely plotless, the tale beautifully renders a son’s grief in the face of his father’s impending death.

The tale manages to parallel without borrowing from Christian end-of-life mythos. Like an angel, the selkie arrives with near perfect beauty. Despite being unaddressed for decades, she takes on the burden of the sorrows and tears for both the son and father while delivering the dying old man to his next realm–the sea. The old man’s love for the selkie is depicted as a first love, a primal love, from which he strayed through life only to return at the hour of his death.

This tale was a quarterly contest winner appearing in Writers of the Future: Volume 33 edited by David Farland.
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