Novel Review: Braineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski

Braineater JonesBraineater Jones by Stephen Kozeniewski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What Harry Dresden is to the wizarding world, Braineater Jones is to the zombie world. Both reinvent the detective noir genre for their purposes, though this one also plays it as historic fiction showing depression era, post-prohibition America in a gritty urban landscape with zombies.

True to its genre roots, the humor largely remains dry as Jones tries to figure out both his former life and his current surroundings. His memories continue to evade him as he learns of a world filled with talking decapitated heads, prostitute zombies and nearly everybody looking for the rejuvenating power of hard alcohol. [It staves off decay.]

Slowly, other sub-genres work their way in with Nazis coming to light and finally even steampunk robots powered by alcohol-pickled zombie brains. And yet it works . . .

Detective noir and urban fantasy play well together, and a few series set in the modern era employing zombie detectives, but it’s nice to see the 1930s with zombies. Especially with lingo intact. Topically, it holds to 1930s prejudices, too. But then tears those down with a diversity of characters.

This series is highly enjoyable. And recommended.

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