Short Story Review: “Dr. Death vs. the Vampire” by Aaron Schutz

3 of 5 stars.

This rather quixotic tale has superheroes-who-aren’t-superheroes pitted against vampires-who-aren’t-vampires. Either the narrator, Dr. Death, is a hero in wanting to rid the world of faux-vampires or he’s a psychopath. His friends seem to think he’s a bit of both.

Dr. Death’s superpower is the ability to really feel what others are feeling, both bodily and emotionally. Call it super-empathy. He has a morally questionable habit of killing those who he deems beyond saving from their own internal suffering. One could consider this assisted suicide if the victim was actually asking for help or relief, but there’s no indication that they do.

Vampires, in this world, are not bloodsuckers. They’re parasites of a different nature, feeding off of the emotional pain of others. They both keep the victims alive and in a constant state of suffering. Really, the superhero and the vampire clash in being 2 sides of the same coin . . .

This tale appears in the anthology, Superheroes edited by Rich Horton.
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