Graphic Novel Review: Trees, Vol. 2: Two Forests by Warren Ellis

Trees, Vol. 2: Two Forests (Trees, #2)Trees, Vol. 2: Two Forests by Warren Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The highly anticipated the sequel to Trees, Vol. 1, again drawn by Jason Howard, arrives with a narrower focus than the premiere volume which showed five different socio-cultural reactions across the world to the phenomenon of massive alien “trees” slamming down onto Earth and then lying dormant for 10 years.

This volume restricts its world view to Manhattan and Britain. The urban landscape of Manhattan remains flooded and decimated from the introduction of its tree. A man raised in its wake with a bone to pick with the police force’s handling of the original event has just been named Mayor-Elect. He leans into his ties to the lower Manhattan Underworld to achieve revenge . . .

Meanwhile, Dr. Joanne Creary barely survived the awakening of the Blindhail Tree on Svalbard. She witnessed the interaction between the alien black “Blindhail Poppies” and the tree and is reassigned to the only tree in Britain. It sits in the desolate Orkneys and her job is to be vigilant, and report what she sees.

Despite the vast differences between the two focal locations, the parallels arise quickly between the disparate scenes aided by Howard’s able art where the scar from a bullet wound may mirror a neolithic stone circle . . .

The development is fascinating, even as the endgame remains a mystery.

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