Short Story Review: “The Blue Cup” by Marissa James

4 of 5 stars.

Certain phrases often get bandied about, such as “needing to grow up,” or “stop living a fantasy.” Most children have an active imagination in a way that adults have often left in their past. This, of course, isn’t true of all adults. Some find that special way to tap back into that unbridled, happy creativity.

This tale hints at a rich, imaginative fantasy world infused with major steampunk elements. However, Joyce isn’t living in a fantasy–she’s washing some very real dishes while her loveless marriage to couch potato Greg stagnates. She mourns the passing of the excitement and love she experienced in the land of Radiance and everything she left behind by choosing to return to earthly reality.

Her memories of bizarre and fascinating creatures and lands open a door that perhaps she thought was forever closed . . .

This tale appears in Abbreviated Epics, a Third Flatiron Anthology, edited by Juliana Rew.
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