Short Story Review: “Babies From Sand” by M. John Harrison

Like islands in a river, ten micro-vignettes stand apart from each other and yet almost resemble one another and seem loosely collected. Very loosely. It’s best read as a prose poem, as no narrative exists. But even with “poetic license,” the vignettes are irreparably disjointed.

Running through the vignettes are themes of water and biographical splices of British psychic researcher Harry Price. Sometimes the water is artistic depictions of water. At other times, it’s actual water by islands or under bridges.

The thin tidbits about Harry Price barely provide enough to stalk on Wikipedia. However, the sporadic references to him add up to an homage of sorts. [According to Wiki, about a century ago, Harry Price was debunking so-called mediums and challenging claims of haunted establishments. This info does not shed light on this smattering of description and biography.]

This tale appears in the anthology An Unreliable Guide to London by Influx Press, London. I received my copy of this anthology directly from one of the contributing authors through
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