Short Story Review: “Nightingale Lane” by Stephanie Victoire

3 of 5 stars.

The urban walking tour is not uncommon: people, places and history–not necessarily in that order–give character to the great cities. This vignette does precisely this treatment in literary form for a London neighborhood, throwing in a bit of the supernatural. The descriptions are rich enough that parts of the piece could almost be considered a prose poem, as narrative has no bearing here. The use of 2nd person voice, completes the walking tour mindset.

The residents of past and present mingle in this glimpse of the neighborhood starting at the Tube station. Supernatural sylphs jostle with the breeze on the streets above, as events both current and historical unfold all around. The tour across time and space does more to hone in on the flavor of the neighborhood than merely describing the buildings lining the path.

This tale appears in the anthology An Unreliable Guide to London by Influx Press, London. I received my copy of this anthology directly from one of the contributing authors through
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