Short Story Review: “Landscape with Intruders” by Jean-Claude Dunyach

3 of 5 stars.

Notably, the inaccurate model of electrons politely sticking to their orbits as they revolve around an atom’s nucleus resembles the simplified model of the solar system. Then again, the more accurate electron cloud of possibilities might be said to resemble the Oort cloud of comets. It’s all about scale. On Earth, humans inhabit the macro scale where we fail to notice mites, bacteria, viruses and nematodes. One can only wonder at the view from the micro perspective.

This tale delves into the notion of scale as a frontier scientist sets out on a lonely mission to look for disturbances in the Northern Canadian expanses that could be affecting animal migrations and possibly forest fires. What he finds after a naked drunken evening under the stars is his own body colonized like a memorably distasteful episode of pubic lice. Worse, the colonizers seem very aware of him . . .

This tale appears in the magazine Blindspot: Testing Reality, Issue #1 by the founders of Angle Mort. Their mission is to translate French science fiction into English to bridge the American and French science fiction communities. I received my copy of this issue directly from one of the editors through
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