Short Story Review: “Staples Corner” by Gary Budden

3 of 5 stars.

It doesn’t take much–a bit of alcohol, a traumatic experience–to flip everyday life and locations into a surreal experience and landscape. Without veering into absurdism, this tale exhibits the potential disconnect from reality waiting right around the corner. The second person POV enforces the disconnect as it explains a situation you find yourself in that you, as the reader, clearly have no context for.

You find yourself a few beers too many and sluggish and one satchel and work laptop light after an afternoon in the pub. A public bus ride through the concrete labyrinth of London and a ludicrous, but all too common shopping experience for a replacement laptop later, and one begins to understand how neighborhoods of one’s own city can remain elusive to an urban dweller.

This tale appears in the anthology An Unreliable Guide to London by Influx Press, London. I received my copy of this anthology directly from one of the contributing authors through
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