Graphic Release: Genesis IV by Double Take


Tackling issues of race, gender, and sexuality, Double Take reaches full alien-and-mutant level with the release of its 4th installment in the 6-part series. Ten incorporated titles, simultaneously released, track different aspects of the 1968 societal breakdown in the wake of a pandemic going apocalyptic.

Whereas originally zombies seemed to be the crux of the problem, an evolving array of political players and differently altered victims comes to light. The primary players:
–The US government backs experiments with parasites that cause rage issues in their hosts. They also bring the dead to life.
–EarthWatch, a clandestine US group skirting NASA, has colonized Venus but monitors Earth with shockingly advanced technology.
–Aliens are watching EarthWatch and Earth and infiltrating the laboratories creating the parasites.
–A family of aliens, seemingly unconnected to the monitoring aliens, have been hiding their spaceship in their barn, but slipped and allowed doctors to take their very non-human temperatures in the wake of the pandemic.

The victims/secondary players:
–Organized zombies that think, regenerate and seek power sources and energy infrastructures.
–Mutant humans including ones that grow to gargantuan heights, shape shift, control fire, alter and/or relive time, and have telekinesis.

This confluence of events brings a contemporary read and an urban fantasy feel to the protests of the sixties.

I’ve previously read Genesis I, Genesis II, and Genesis III.


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