Novella Review: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson

Skin Deep (Legion, #2)Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quirky detectives aren’t new, but Stephen Leeds aka Legion, breaks the mold. The genius gumshoe is a sucker for a mystery and doesn’t let his psychosis slow him down. To the contrary, it’s his edge and part of his methodology. As clever and as detail-oriented as Sherlock Holmes, Legion sports dozens of personalities that he sees as separate individuals from himself despite knowing otherwise. Each personality has their specialty which allows Legion and his internalized and yet compartmentalized team of experts to crack every case.

This sequel shows some of the vulnerability in Legion’s situation and his ultimate lack of control over the secondary personalities. One imaginary personality manages to wheedle her own imaginary husband into a role as a potential new personality much to Leeds’ consternation. Also, his own OCD habits as they pertain to his personalities, such as his compulsion to hold doors open for his personalities until they’ve all cross through before he does the same, proves to be a weakness. Leeds can ply his team for help but not rewrite his ingrained rules for how he sees them.

The effect is both fun and clever. The series is highly recommended. I’ve previously reviewed Sanderson’s “Dreamer” which I also enjoyed.
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