Graphic Novel Review: Twisted Dark, Volume 1 by Neil Gibson

Twisted Dark, Volume 1Twisted Dark, Volume 1 by Neil Gibson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Character studies comprise 10 of the 11 stories in Volume 1 of this series which has since branched into interactive and multimedia directions as the Twisted Dark Universe expands. All of the character studies lead to a darker aspect of some humans, or some psychosis. The twisted nature of some characters is apparent from the outset, others hide it beneath the veneer of normalcy. Think: Edward Gorey in narrative form.

Twisted though the tales may be, they’re also realistic with the exception of one speculative tale. A couple pairs of tales also share common characters. Eventually, all of the tales are promised to converge on one world view and an emerging plot not yet hinted in this Volume.

Themes of suicide, child abuse, spousal abuse, and torture all emerge. A couple others show the mind sets of those that like to hurt others and possibly what brought them to that point. Varying levels of madness also arise repeatedly.

As a start to a series with characters spanning the globe, the promise of pulling it all together is intriguing. The art from the various graphic tales is handled by many different artists, but largely the quality of art is even, if not overly safe. The tales feel like drawn case studies and biographies at this point.

I received access to Volumes 1-4 directly from the author after meeting at C2E2 in Chicago. These Volumes can be accessed at Twisted Dark‘s website. Also available is a short multimedia film set in the same world [Twisted Dark Film] which is one of the tales from Volume 6. I’d rate the film as 4 of 5 stars.

No need to fear reading and watching the tales out of order as that is one of the many experiments explored in the Twisted Dark Universe.
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