Short Story Review: “The Jar of Aten-Hor” by Kat Rocha

3 of 5 stars.

Nothing brings cursed relics and ancient history together quite like Egyptian mummy tales. There’s just something about a practice that involves careful and worshipful human dissection. The barely understood hieroglyphics depicting half-animal, half-human gods also add to the air of otherness and the occult.

Beth works for the Ephraim Museum of Anthology where she acquires items of interest from auction. One auction in particular contains relics from the deceased’s trips and digs in the Valley of the Kings. An elaborately carved alabaster jar that would have once held human organs spurs a bidding war before Beth lands the winning offer. She also gets a warning to return the jar back to its Egyptian resting place.

Months of research and studying the jar in close quarters starts to mess with Beth’s head. Especially when scenes of the funerary rite carved on the jar seems to be changing every few weeks . . .

This tale appears in Whispers from the Abyss edited by Kat Rocha, the author of this tale. I received this new anthology directly from 01 Publishing through I’ve previously reviewed Rocha is an illustrator [Utopiates] and as an editor [Whispers of the Abyss 2: The Horrors That Were and Shall Be.
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