Short Story Review: “Chasing Sunset” by A.C. Wise

3 of 5 stars.

Caught between a drug-trip and a supernatural intervention, the narrator of this tale tries to outrun his literal and metaphorical demons without having to stop and sort between the two. The trauma runs deep as the ultimate demon figure appears as the guy’s sadistic father.

The narrator [and reader] push forward through layers of reality and unreality without a polestar to orient whether this tale takes place in the Lovecraft universe which is cited heavily or in our universe and the Lovecraft legends merely warp the perspective of the psychotically-challenged speaker. Believe is a powerful thing.

This tale appears in Whispers from the Abyss edited by Kat Rocha. I received this new anthology directly from 01 Publishing through I’ve previously reviewed this author’s “And the Carnival Leaves Town”, “Letters to a Body on the Cusp of Drowning”, and “We Are Not These Bodies, Strung Between the Stars”
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