Short Story Review: “Fear and Loathing in Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge” by Jason Andrew

4 of 5 stars.

This hearty tale of historical fiction filters the presidential election of 1968 [Nixon’s re-election] through the lens of the detective noir voice [in this case, that of an investigative journalist] and infuses it with the rich urban legends of Lovecraft’s Massachusetts. This combination is a winner, especially during another contentious presidential election.

The journalist and his muscle sidekick follow a lead to the Arkham Asylum to find out where Nixon’s hefty donations are coming from. The institutionalized witness, and former psychotropic drug dealer, sends the narrator on a trip to fishy Innsmouth where decades of clandestine government intrusions have the isolationist populous on continuous guard. Welcome to militia country. Assassinated President Kennedy’s ties to the countryside are also pulled into question.

This tale appears in Whispers from the Abyss edited by Kat Rocha. I received this new anthology directly from 01 Publishing through
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