Short Story Review: “The Baby Downstairs” by Chad Fifer

2 of 5 stars.

Delusional paranoia in the 1st person POV creates a recipe for absurdism. This vignette is so short, however–clocking in at 270 words–that Hallmark cards could give deeper development. Perhaps this is not even a vignette, but rather a mere kernel for a story yet to be told.

The unnamed paranoid apartment dwelling sees the downstairs baby, unwatched and acting of its own accord. So, he calls the cops. He doesn’t see the police officer leave the apartment again. The next day repeats like the first, exactly.

Later that evening, a low scratching emits from the guy’s door. A note is attached to a rattle . . . signed The Baby Downstairs . . .

This tale appears in Whispers of the Abyss 2: The Horrors That Were and Shall Be edited by Kat Rocha. I received this new anthology directly from 01 Publishing through  
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