Genesis III by Double Take incorporates Moth Storytellers

Double Take launches the third issues of its 10 interrelated titles February 24th, 2016. Together, the 10 titles are known as the Genesis pack. Genesis I and Genesis II released in September and November of 2015. The Double Take universe ground its original mythos in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, but has quickly diverged from any known zombie canon despite all 10 threads staying confined to the first 48 hours of the pandemic and not leaving Evans Co., Pennsylvania. A couple, notably Rise #3 and Soul, still center on characters from the original movie.

What really separates this collection from other comics is their incorporation of Moth-style stories and storytellers. Various characters throughout the issues will launch into a tale that has nothing to do with zombies, nor the issue’s plot. The effect adds humor, human interest and a randomness into the universe. Two such tales are what originally drew me to Spring #1 before it got all trippy in #2.

Spring #3 starts to redefine the laws of physics, and along with Slab #3, hints at the deus ex machina of this universe–possibly extraterrestrial. Mysterious beings have caused this pandemic and are monitoring the human response. They have also infiltrated the hospitals and are impersonating key characters that appear in many of the titles. Especially fun is noticing shadows without corresponding bodies that linger in the backgrounds of many scenes like DVD Easter eggs.

Three of the titles serve to propel the series forward. Medic shows what the human scientists know and when as they search for answers. Honor highlights the local and county reactions by the authorities. And, Z-Men, which got movie-optioned, shows the federal reaction from LBJ and the FBI.

Finally, Remote , under new writer for the series Gabe Yocum, stands as the thread tying together the various locations across Evans Co. This tale chronicles Samantha Stanton, the last survivor at radio KBRF, keeping the airwaves full with info and entertainment. Though we learn in this issue that a couple other radio stations have managed to stay on the air, most characters from the various titles seem tuned into Sam’s channel. At 20+ hours of continual coverage, she’s starting to get punchy–she humorously hosts a zombie themed Dating Game and even starts flirting with her undead guests. I will sit down and interview Gabe Yocum later this week on working with Moth stories, established canon, and other related topics. Feel free to offer your own questions for him to answer.


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