Novella Review: Winter by Dan Grace

WinterWinter by Dan Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the near future, England’s rocked by protests, riots, social breakdown, and war. A small party of young revolutionaries makes to escape across the Scottish border seeking refuge for the winter at a remote cabin that lacks plumbing and electricity. Two guys don’t survive the journey, one killed in the city, another by border guards. Adam and the two girls make it to his parents’ cabin, but one of the girls is in a catatonic state, and the cabin’s not empty . . .

This tale of a desperate, harsh winter unspools in alternating timelines of the damaged revolutionaries trekking and then adapting to the new pace of their lives, and a later timeline within the same winter after the surviving party of 3 have gotten to know the 2 foreigners that were squatting there before they arrived.

Secrecy and a growing sense of horror cannot be brushed away any easier than the continuously falling snow, despite a growing closeness between May and Mikhail. Adam, the former leader and only one with a legal claim to the property, feels increasingly alone–especially with Leila still catatonic and getting worse. Mikhail has the key to unlocking Leila, but it invokes beliefs and creatures beyond the understanding of the rest . . .

I received my copy of this novel directly from the publisher, Unsung Stories, through
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