Novel Review: Frost Burn by K.T. Munson and Nichelle Rae

Frost BurnFrost Burn by K.T. Munson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A cast of likable characters elevates this other-world fantasy as 2 queendoms, bitter rivals from ancient times, are forced to deal with each other as their planets succumbs to global warming. As disasters rattle the nations, a small handful of heroes and royals from each lean on each other and their magic abilities to avert complete annihilation.

The original premise of a Fire Nation headed by fire-wielding magic-users versus a Frost Nation with ice magic seemed too dichotomous, too convenient. Though it’s interesting that the climate and living conditions of each nation would outright kill a citizen of the other. By the end, the history and mythology embrace the premise making it work. Even better, was the inclusion of third parties and rebels with agendas of their own. I expected, and perhaps wanted, more from the larger of the rebellions–it almost felt like a dropped plot.

Romance takes a healthy chunk of this novel without overwhelming it for the non-romance reader, such as myself. It’s a sub-plot and coda that never hijacks the greater tale, thankfully. The chapters alternate between Fire and Frost POVs, more or less. The countering views add nuance to the tale.

I received my copy of this novel directly from one of the authors after previously reviewing her thoroughly enjoyable pirate fantasy novel, 1001 Islands, which deservedly made my Best Reads of 2015 list.
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