Review: “Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre” by Seth Fried

3 of 5 stars.

This short tale uses absurdist satire to expose modern society’s hypocrisy when it comes to priorities and humanitarian causes.

An annual massacre decorated with funnel cakes and carnival rides ires the public in the days following the tragedy before apathy begins to take over aided by big business and government interests. The few people that keep the rage going from year to year are then deemed “extremists” by the masses that wish to collectively forget the whole messy business. The one year that a particularly cute girl was killed [among many others], the protests lasted for weeks. Some people still wear the t-shirt honoring her memory–judging by the crowds at the subsequent picnics . . .

It’s all too true to be truly humorous.

This story was included in the anthology The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2010 edited by Paula Guran.
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