Double the News from Double Take

Z-men 2

Less than 2 months ago, graphic company Double Take launched with their initial 10 titles [Double Take Takes on Night of the Living Dead]. Things have progressed rapidly for the emergent brand.

Firstly, their title, Z-Men has been optioned by Lionsgate to be made into a feature film:
‘Z-Men’ Zombie Comic Book Movie Adaptation in Works (
Lionsgate to Adapt ‘Z-Men’ Zombie Comic Book for Film (

Secondly, Wednesday November 11, 2015 marks the release of the second installment for each of their original 10 titles, including the aforementioned Z-Men. The sequel continue the individual storylines, but with increasing crossover. All of the tales are still taking place within the first 48 hours of the zombie apocalypse seen in Romero’s iconic Night of the Living Dead. Two of the titles are still tracking characters from the movie with “Rise #2” furthering Barbara’s story, and “Soul #2” filling the story at the farmhouse with the investigators drawing their own conclusions.

Z-Men is the story of LBJ’s secret service sent to the front lines to collect information for the POTUS. The g-men work under a different code than the local authorities and unencumbered by sentimentality and local ties. Little wonder that this would be the title to receive the royal treatment as the concept is clearly the most marketable. However, with all stories taking place simultaneously and within the same Pennsylvania county, sub-plots from other titles could easily be fully or partially incorporated within any movie.

The thread that really holds the entire collection together is the unassuming title, Remote, in which a lone surviving person, Samantha, at the radio station is holding out among her living-dead colleagues to keep the airwaves open and transmitting. It’s her voice and news that echoes through all of the other 9 storylines adding that essential bit of continuity.

Meanwhile, the 2 medically focused titles, Medic and Slab, are solidifying the rules of this zombie world. The zombies are afflicted with a parasite that transmits through body fluids. Also, the zombies are insatiable for any food, not just flesh. This closes a gap in one of my prior observations that these tales were striking out into their own territory leaving established zombie-lore behind. Humorously, in Remote, Samantha uses candy as a reward as she trains a zombie to push buttons for her.

The tale that I had been most anticipating was Spring as it built the most free-form potential. While both narrations under this title continue, the background has become quite trippy. The lakeside setting looks tropical if not Dr. Seuss-ian from the perspective of the revelers, but from the authorities closing in, the surrounding woods are still coniferous. This discrepancy is hinted to be caused by compromised water in the lake. Or, it could be due to the ample drugs consumed on the shore. For answers, I’ll have to wait for the third set of installments . . .


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