Review: The Alpha Plague 3 by Michael Robertson

The Alpha Plague 3The Alpha Plague 3 by Michael Robertson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Political thriller meets zombie apocalypse urban fantasy in this fast paced third installment to the Alpha Plague series. This is the best of the bunch due to a tweaked style of narration that deftly weaves two story lines and genres together.

The series follows Rhys, a cubicle drone working at a British government office park on the outskirts of London, as a rage-style Zombie apocalypse spreads from a single infection in the Alpha Tower at the center of Summit City. The first book [The Alpha Plague] followed Rhys and partner-by-circumstance Vicky as they race and fight their way out to find Rhys’ son, Flynn. The second installment [The Alpha Plague 2] separated the pair as Vicky watched Flynn and Rhys made a daring attempt to save his ex-wife, Larissa, back in Summit City for the sake of his son. Rhys discovers that Vicky might be connected to the pandemic . . .

This installment keeps the frenetic pace of the previous ones, while weaving in back story for Vicky as Rhys and Larissa try to find Vicky and Flynn. In alternating chapters, over a year of backstory infills Vicky’s tale while only Rhys and Larissa’s tale furthers the present everchanging predicament. The unspooling of multiple time lines and shifting character relationships in Vicky’s political thriller thread reminded me of All the Old Knives by Olen Steinhauer.

The understanding of the infected deepens throughout the series and as the diseased exist for longer periods of time. Disturbing observations by the adult characters imply that the afflicted are packing-hunting, feel empathy for each other, and not only hunt but store food showing a knack for planning . . .

This series is highly recommended.
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