Review: “Underneath Me, Steady Air” by Carrie Laben

1 of 5 stars.

PTSD and near-constant post traumatic inebriation on the part of this tale’s narrator cannot cover for the shaky premise of this “monster” story. The monsters in this tale are predatory aerial creatures known as “air tigers” that have been kept a secret by the government. The air tigers barely have form, potentially being gaseous, and kill by contact though the death may follow some time later along with an oranging of the skin and frothing at the mouth for the hapless victim.

Luckily, these formless air tigers can be kept at bay by one known method–recordings of human voices speaking English numerals in random orders. It does not matter what frequency these numbers are broadcast on. Huh? Maybe they hate the implication of math. Or, possibly pi.

The plot incorporates all of these elements rather hazily. Somehow this tale may work in anime form, but the transition to purely literary did not work as either horror, or monster tale.

This tale premiered in Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters edited by John Langan and Paul Tremblay.
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