Double Take Takes on Night of the Living Dead

A new company, Double Take, launched its initial products this month. They’re creating a comic universe around the mythos and plot of George A. Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. 2T simultaneously released ten issues, each the first in a new sub-series. Collectively, however, they all take place within the hours and days of the movie and within the same county with the zombie problem.

A couple of the series even use Barbara, a character from the movie. “Rise” #1 follows Barbara’s brother from his stumble in the cemetery to his grabbing his sister from the farmhouse window. While, “Soul” #1 shows the authorities shoot the last survivor through the farmhouse window and then continue their mission.

Others follow particular occupations of people around the county as the zombie apocalypse starts. Police and government officials are at the heart of “Z-Men” #1 and “Honor” #1. Medical professionals lead “Medic” #1 and “Slab” #1. A radio announcer stays on the air long after her co-workers have crossed over in the series “Remote” #1. While the employees of a grocery store seek refuge within as a horde approaches in “Dedication” #1.

I’m particularly interested to find out where the storyline of “Spring” #1 is heading. This tale weaves together a tale by a lifeguard and an unrelated story by a beach-goer [both unrelated to the present events] and snippets of a half dozen radio stations while the life-guarded family beach and adjacent nude beach turn ominous with people disappearing below the water, almost Jaws-like. . .

The writing and artwork is not consistent between the series which is both disappointing as they share one world, and to be expected since the writing and art teams are different for each series. Also, I was particularly surprised that no less than half of the series show zombies craving food-stuffs. I have never seen this in any zombie-lore before, nor do I remember that from the movie. Normally, the Romero-style zombie [as compared to the rage-virus, insomniac, and Obeah/voodoo zombies] are depicted as dead: not breathing and not digesting, just cannibalizing.

The 2nd installment of each of these series will release together in 2016.


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