Review: “Carriers” by Tananarive Due

2 of 5 stars.

After the fantastic first 2 installments [“Removal Order” and “Herd Immunity”] of this short story trilogy, this final piece was disappointing. The trilogy creates an original apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic scenario with many unforeseen aspects, however this third tale overextends itself and would require a novel to give the story its due.

Forty years has elapsed since that first brutal year of The Plague which saw Nayima undertake a lonely journey to find other survivors. She has been broken, betrayed, and abandoned by the society that arose in the wake of its predecessor. The accusations of what has happened in the decades since the prior tales are neither shown nor explained and yet the issues raised are poignant, just unfulfilled.

Nayima is a disease carrier–one of many. However, the new society belongs to non-carriers that managed to avoid the pandemic. The carriers , most long-dead, were then treated as criminals and lab-rats. Revisionist history is erasing the cruelties they endured and continue to endure in their near social exile.

Appearing in the anthology, Ghost Summer, this short story first appeared in The End Has Come, eds. John Joseph Adams & Hugh Howey (Broadreach Publlishing).
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