Review: “Vanishings” by Tananarive Due

4 of 5 stars.

A terminal illness in a family member affects the entire family. This vignette captures the moment of awareness about how much has changed and been left numbingly un-realized in the face of a young girl’s battle with cancer. Each person’s ebbing there-ness for each other is a vanishing act, if not betrayal. Within an anthology of urban fantasy, magic and horror, this brief tale of realism holds its own.

Nidra stumbles through life as a single mother of 2 girls ever since her husband vanished a year prior in a bizarre auto accident–the car was found totaled, his body was not found. She suspects he saw his out and took it. Better that than to face the prospect of watching his youngest daughter die of cancer.

Sharlene can’t live the unburdened life of the typical teenager–not with her younger sister so sick and getting sicker and her mom in a haze not seeing it. Her resentment manifests in bad grades, especially for the teacher romantically distracting her mother.

Asia knows she’s wasting away. The kids at school call her Ghost as if she’s already passed . . .

This tale appears in the anthology, Ghost Summer by Prime Books.
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