Review: “Aftermoon” by Tananarive Due

3 of 5 stars.

This is a different sort of Werewolf tale–it’s not about taming urges, but hiding genetics. Dysmorphia, feeling uncomfortable in one’s own body, is not uncommon in “monster” stories. But often the dysmorphia is related to gender or sexuality. In this case, it’s hard not to see the werewolf as a stand-in for race.

Kenya is a NYC werewolf, but she keeps her urges suppressed. And since her “Gramp” passed when she was 13, she hasn’t known another person of her “condition.”

A day after a full moon and with her senses still sensitive, Kenya is drawn to the office of Dermatologist Jack Reeves. He knows what she is and runs a support group for werewolves. For those that want to pass as “sheep,” he helps control the hair-issue. For those that prefer to indulge their urges with like-minded individuals, he runs retreats.

Kenya must decide what her wants are . . .

Appearing in the anthology, Ghost Summer, this short story first appeared in Dark Matter: Reading the Bones, ed. Sheree R. Thomas (Aspect / Warner Books).
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