Review: “Ghost Summer” by Tananarive Due

5 of 5 stars.

Unsettling is a good thing when it comes to ghost stories. This novella draws from the same summer ghostly lore of Due’s other short stories, “The Lake” and “Summer”, all centered on swampy Gracetown, Florida.

Here, the mythos taken shape as young Davie Stephens and his younger sister Neema experience the full thrust of residual horror and trauma from a century-old mystery involving the disappearance of three young Timmons brothers ranging in age between Davie and Neema. The long-drained swamp rises to precarious heights as the Stephens sibs experience the final terror of the Timmons as they are chased and attacked by a now-spectral dog.

The disturbing yet masterful weaving and overlay of the modern and past century timelines works beautifully to show a town and it many families warped from one generation to the next by taut race relations and its own shameful history.

Appearing in the anthology of the same name, Ghost Summer, this novella first appeared in The Ancestors, ed. Anonymous (Dafina Books, Kensington Corp.).
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