Review: “Summer” by Tananarive Due

2 of 5 stars.

Swampy Gracelend, Florida lends its secluded backdrop to another supernatural / horror vignette by Due. Summer is the haunting season, when the humidity drives everybody half-mad and the sensible folks have gotten far enough away. In this tale, “Summer,” the horror is implied and extremely low grade and the supernatural is circumstantial at most.

Danielle and her 13-m.o. Lola are suffering through a Graceland summer despite warnings to keep babies well enough away. Local lore says babies get possessed by “leeches”, aka demons, for the summer. Lola is just agitated and inconsolable–

–until she’s not. After some weird rooftop noises and a strange diaper change, Lola is all attentive and mimicking multi-syllabic words. Danielle can only see her daughter as a changeling . . .

While this set-up is promising, it’s also disappointingly the end of the tale.

Appearing in Ghost Summer, this short story first appeared in Whispers in the Night, ed. Brandon Massey (Dafina Books / Kensington Corp.).
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