Review: “Senora Suerte” by Tananarive Due

3 of 5 stars.

This horror vignette reads like an episode of television’s Supernatural. A very unlucky man in a nursing home possibly encounters a supernatural being that is either Lady Luck [Senora Suerte] or the Angel of Death or both.

Gilberto has suffered. Exiled from his homeland, Cuba. Widowed–twice over. His only son died in an automobile accident at 17. Wracked by multiple strokes leaving him wheelchair-bound and non-verbal. And now he’s stashed away and forgotten in a nursing home with the other forgotten elderly with only Bingo to pass the time. He never wins at that either.

One day Gilberto witnesses an otherworldly visage emanating from a nurse during a Bingo game. The “nurse” rests her hand on Pedro’s shoulder. Pedro, with his hacking bloody cough, promptly wins–twice–and passes away in the night . . .

Appearing in Ghost Summer, this short story first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 2006.
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