Review: The Alpha Plague 2 by Michael Robertson

The Alpha Plague 2The Alpha Plague 2 by Michael Robertson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the action-packed sequel to The Alpha Plague which introduced a rage-Zombie apocalypse onto a British governmental office park. The second installment picks up minutes after the end of the first book which saw out-of-shape, divorced father Rhys team-up will the inspiring and capable Vicky to escape Summit City and find his 6-y.o. son in the wake of societal meltdown.

Having left his antagonistic ex-wife, Larissa, and his best friend, Dave, in Summit City trapped in buildings under lock-down and facing incineration to contain the plague, Rhys promises his son to try to save his wife, thus launching this sequel which focuses on Rhys’ efforts while Vicky stays safely outside the containment zone with the boy.

The narrative shift from Rhys and Vicky together to Rhys without a supportive partner-by-circumstance hurts the story a bit. While Rhys finds people to at least temporarily partner with, some expected and some not, the chemistry lacks. He’s also grown quirkier whether from food or sleep-deprivation–obsessively noting the same facts without a minute’s development.

Rules for the behavior and spread of zombies start to emerge as Rhys logs more interactions and analyzes more without Vicky’s smarts to guide him. Also, the political intrigue storyline at the heart of the infection develops, broadening the world-view while layering on mysteries. A final cliff-hanger makes clear the need for a third installment to this recommended series.
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7 responses to “Review: The Alpha Plague 2 by Michael Robertson

    • Thank you. As an author, I like that the narrator comes from a place of zero knowledge, while the story slowly reveals deep layers of political intrigue. The main guy just wants to stay alive and help people.


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