Review: “After Moreau” by Jeffrey Ford

2 of 5 stars.

This tale supposes that H. G. Wells got his famous story about Moreau all backwards. The mad scientist wasn’t mutating animals progressively but rather evolving humans regressively. Kidnapped folks from all over the U.S. were morphed into the various creatures.

The concept oozes potential, but fails to deliver true consequences into a coherent story as so many variants on Lovecraft’s Innsmouth lore have managed to do. This tale goes only so far as to show that the genetic regression carries over into social and psychological regression. But, it only tells this fact in an offhanded way despite that being the meat of the matter.

This brief vignette is included in Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters edited by John Langan and Paul Tremblay after first appearing in Clarkesworld, 2008.
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