Review: “The Song of Sighs” by Angela Slatter

2 of 5 stars.

This short story stands solidly as Cthulhu-lore fan-fiction without significantly adding to the canon. In this case, the urban legend of Innsmouth hides behind a veneer of amnesia in the psychologically-compromised narrator.

Professor Vivienne Croftmarsh maintains few memories of life before her most recent year of teaching at the Orphans Academy, where gifted forgotten kids are given a second chance. However, her relationship with the other staff is strained. Her pastime is spent translating ancient verses of unknown religious origin.

A very short-lived mystery emerges around the absentee principal and the charming Professor Thackeray’s inappropriate advances to both Dr. Croftmarsh and star-student, Tilly . . .

“The Song of Sighs” appears in New Cthulhu 2: More Recent Weird edited by Paula Guran after originally appearing in Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth, ed. Stephen Jones (Fedogan & Bremer, 2013). I’ve previously reviewed Slatter’s wonderful short stories: “The Female Factory” and “A Good Husband”.
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