Title Fight: Goodreads vs Amazon

Authors love Amazon, more than not. That’s where the money is. But Goodreads also has links for acquiring books with Kindle and Amazon buttons on each book’s page. I prefer Goodreads, for both writing reviews and reading reviews.

Obviously, I post more reviews to my blog than to Goodreads, since I also cover short stories and novellas that don’t always have separate listings. But when I can, I’ll also post to Goodreads and include Goodreads’ link to the book in my blog post. I like that Goodreads and my blog allow for formatting that the Amazon site does not. Maybe they like the no-frills review without special attention to block quotes, but it drives me crazy.

Maybe I’m the only one . . .

When an author submits a book for review to me, and specifically asks that I post to Amazon, I comply–begrudgingly. For all the money they make, Amazon should allow for better user formatting. In my humble opinion.

Do you use Amazon or Goodreads or both? And how? I’m most curious.

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