An Editing Habit

I have a writer’s confession: I hand-write my first drafts in blank books. Not until I’ve finished a chapter, do I type it up accomplishing my first edit in this process. This works for me. Mostly, because I studied writing poetry which can be a very intimate process and I like for my hand-writing to have a role in that intimacy. Once I put it in the computer, all further forms of the piece are generated and edited on the computer.

This is not the normal for someone writing a novel series–I get that. Many people believe one should just write, write, write [and they mean type, type, type] and worry about the editing later. Perhaps they fear that the novel may never get done by my method. But I’m over halfway done with the base writing of the second novel in the series, so it does work. I have 16 chapters written, 15 of them typed and 1 waiting for me to type it. And I will. All before I start on chapter 17. It is also while I am typing a chapter that I enter notes into my information outline in which I record all character names and characteristics, chronologies and unique word definitions.

Mostly, I dislike lugging a laptop around. Yet, I like getting away from my house to write. Coffee shops, the beach, parks, pubs–all good writing spots in my eyes.

It does have me curious, though, as to the process of other writers . . .

5 responses to “An Editing Habit

  1. I prefer writing at a keyboard. My handwriting is atrocious, and holding a pen for any length of time is painful (bad joints), so the computer is my first choice. But I’ll write by hand if there are no other options!

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    • I did train myself at a younger age into a nice, unique script-y handwriting style based on my grandmother’s old letters. My main issue is finding pens I like that aren’t so expensive that I cannot lose them. Being left handed, I also need a faster drying ink so as to not smear.

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  2. When at home I write on my laptop, but otherwise I carry a notebook around and type stuff up later. Though what with my recent GCSEs I’ve not had much time for writing lately, I’ve written nearly four novels already, so my method works for me 🙂

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    • I used to use notebooks and binders, for I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted a lot of nice leather journals over the last couple of years. I fill these with my 1st drafts and they make for an interesting shelf of non-matching books later. Basically, i want my office to resemble a Victorian study filled with my eclectic journals.

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