Review: “Momma Durtt” by Michael Shea

3 of 5 stars.

Launching from a Lovecraft platform, this allegorical tale shows the self-consuming nature of corruption.

The Quicksilver Mine outside of San Francisco has become an uncontained toxic waste dump and unregistered cemetery by its East Coast mobster owner. The mile-deep pit of waste becomes an entity fed by new waste and satiated by new sacrifices in the form of human bodies. Like a lion on a leash, the dump-site cannot be expected to obey its “owner” for long.

This tale doesn’t try to rise above allegorical status as none of the human characters are shown beyond their association with the pit.

“Momma Durtt” appears in New Cthulhu 2: More Recent Weird edited by Paula Guran after originally appearing in Weird Tales #360, Fall 2012.
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