Review: 1001 Islands

1001 Islands1001 Islands by K.T. Munson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not since The Princess Bride, have I seen this many rogues gathered into one story. This pirate-abduction fantasy romp is highly enjoyable.

The Princess Roxana of Port Royal has been a royal, outspoken thorn-in-the-rear that has already cost herself one arranged marriage with one of the other two outer isle kingdoms. She makes for a feisty victim for the dreaded raider of the inner isles known as The Silence, aka Morgan. He’s witty, brooding, romantic and never acting as one expects.

A pair of Kingsmen of Port Royal are split up with separate plans to save, and/or ransom the princess. Caliel leaves first and finds himself amid a society of inner isle independents protected by The Silence, but led by the enigmatic and charismatic Emelia. Tomas leaves 2nd with the ransom gold and finds schemes aplenty in every uncharted bay.

Finally, perhaps the most dastardly and disgusting villain in print creates a swath of destruction with everybody in the crosshairs, raping old women and young boys as he goes [thankfully off-page].

Cultures and personalities clash, perspectives are challenged, and cannons discharge all before supernatural forces, elemental old-beings, rear their heads . . .

This tale is a complete story without the promise of a sequel or trilogy, but hopefully this is not the last of this fantastical world. It is highly recommended.

I received my copy of the book when the author contacted me directly through The Book Review Directory, a blog.
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