Review: “(Little Miss) Queen of Darkness” by Laird Barron

1 of 5 stars

This muddled tale told in three acts is conveyed through the warped lens of Ed, a self-described “L.A. girl trapped inside an L.A. boy.” There’s drugs and booze and possibly a demon-summoning with a powerful ring.

After the blood has pooled and bodies stacked, there still isn’t a coherent storyline on what happened to whom, where and when. Mostly, it’s just affected bitchiness whether L.A. or queer or L.A. queer. When 3-4 sentences are used to describe the shade of red in a girl’s underwear and outfit, and a single sentence relates that the narrator’s boyfriend is sent off by an adversary, never be seen again, something is seriously lopsided in the narration. Or the wrong character is doing the narrating.

“(Little Miss) Queen of Darkness” appears in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2015 edited by Paula Guran and published by Prime Books. It first appeared in Dark Discoveries #29.
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