Review: Writers of the Future Volume 31

Writers of the Future Volume 31Writers of the Future Volume 31 by L. Ron Hubbard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This excellent collection brings together the winning short stories from previously unpublished fantasy and science fiction authors and winning illustrators from the long-running contest founded by L. Ron Hubbard. It also contains a few consistently decent founder and judge short stories and some skip-able, pointless nonfiction essays that add nothing to the collection. They are about as welcome as the President of the Academy speech in the middle of the Oscars. Between the forward, introduction, filler non-fiction essays, and ample after-words, the collection contains a lot of blather that takes away from the anthology.

The contest winners are excellent. Seven of the twelve winners have 4 or 5-star stories. The best of the best is Steve Pantazis'”Switch” a sci-fi, noir crime tale told through a haze of drug addiction. The collection contains off-world tales, dystopian Earth-futures, and god-intervention humor. It’s a broad net, but worth it.

I’ve reviewed each fictional story in the collection. The contest winners:
Pantazis, Steve–“Switch”–5 stars
Davis, Daniel J.–“The God Whisperer”–4 stars
Joss, Sharon–“Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light”–4 stars
Habershaw, Auston–“A Revolutionary’s Guide to Practical Conjuration”–4 stars
Napper, Tim–“Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang”–4 stars
Claxton, Krystal–“Planar Ghosts”–4 stars
Murray, Samantha–“Half Past”–4 stars
Shoemaker, Martin L.–“Unrefined”–3 stars
Hughes, Amy M.–“The Graver”–3 stars
English, Kary–“Poseidon’s Eyes”–3 stars
Barker, Michael T.–“Wisteria Melancholy”–2 stars
Parkin, Scott R.–“Purposes Made for Alien Minds”–1 star

Also included:
Hubbard, L. Ron–“When Shadows Fall”–3 stars
Anderson, Kevin J. and Rebecca Moesta–“Rough Draft”–3 stars
Chapman, Zach–“Between Screens”–3 stars
Niven, Larry–“Inconstant Moon”–3 stars
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