Character Introduction: Jared O’Shea

       My anxiety level is about a seven, but this is to be expected.
       It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I’d prefer to be anywhere than here, this house—home to a failed marriage. Molly and her parents should be here any second now. I might feel better if I wasn’t glancing up Mimosa Lane every three minutes. Literally, every three minutes. I keep checking my cell phone to see if I’ve managed to hold off checking it for more than the three minutes that I keep checking it. Why did I agree to this meeting? Because, I refuse to be a basket case.
       I should do something productive, such as label everything in the house with my name. I’ll get the mail. She needs to see that I have not been a basket case. . . .

       A U-Haul is pulling into the driveway. Molly, followed by her dad’s champagne Camry. I fling the mail, but it just flutters unsatisfyingly to cover a few square feet of carpet a yard from me.
       Is it too early for a beer? No, but I’m not supposed to have alcohol on these meds. I think there’s a Dr. Pepper in the fridge. With my head in the fridge, I hear the front door open.
       “I see you got the mail.” Molly does not sound impressed.

I’ve been working on an urban fantasy series for quite a while, currently called the Three Pushers’ Paradox series. The first book, Entropy, is narrated by Jared Ryan O’Shea with the above scene coming from Chapter 9, “Metaphorically Speaking.”

Jared is one of many people across the world that find themselves with emerging super-abilities in the wake of a global disaster brought on by an extreme cosmic electro-magnetic event. Reasons. The affected people are called pushers for their ability to push electricity among other things. Jared’s abilities, in a twist of fate and time, kick in before the apocalyptic event in the form of overwhelming, muddled premonitions which he refers to as dreamwalks, or jumps.

The above scene shows some of the reasons he is not handling the visions very well. Namely, his personal life is a mess with his wife [spoiler, but not a spoiler: having an affair and] pulling away. The jumps don’t help his frame of mind. His first jump shows him a daughter he doesn’t have. Another, finds him in bed post-coitally with another man [Walsh]. Awkward–or, maybe not–

He’s a fun character to explore. At this point in the story, Jared is not even sure he likes or trusts the secretive Walsh.

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