Thanksgiving Gathering

My poem “Thanksgiving Gathering” has been posted by The Eunoia Review. Check it out.

Eunoia Review

This table –
elongated and stretching
to the borders of the room,
set with heavy silverware
and water goblets and plates
centered with linen napkins in steel rings,

and circumnavigated
by my older brother
who’s lost the thread
of conversation in pursuit
of his son who has left
two Dr. Seuss books on the butcher’s block

and popped
each fat black olive
into his mouth as his father did
30 years ago;
my brother who still
favors Stovetop Stuffing,

Scrabble after the meal,
and his left foot ever since last year’s
second round of chemotherapy
(that Thanksgiving spent
in marrow transplant isolation,

and nervously eyeing dry-erase numbers
that vaunted his T-cell count),
and his wife who’s returned to baking:
two pecan pies, a blueberry pie
and cheesecake, and who’s inherited
the gravy station at the stove

from our grandmother –
whose chair is not filled this year,
whose silent…

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