Lincoln Park Zoo in Late August

The Eunoia Review has posted my poem “Lincoln Park Zoo in Late August.” Please, check it out and follow them.

Eunoia Review

During the uncertainty—
the lull compressed
between chemo bouts
and stem cell harvesting,
my brother had
a good day.

His eyes were tracking
marmoset acrobatics
and green swamp monkeys
flinging themselves
from leafless branch
to man-made vine.

Pressed nose to glass,
his emaciated face
seemed to curl
an unthinkably big smile;
his eyes –

My brother was once
himself a monkey
climbing, leaping
each ledge and tree.
But not now;
and never was I.

Earlier, when basking,
resting the walking stick
and his neuropathic hobble,
our small talk
was ruptured
by seagull screeching

emanating from a fist-faced
young girl, her eyes
and fists squeezed white
in deliberate mimicry.
Gulls responded and resumed
scavenging the patio’s periphery.

If asked about those tall
days of August waiting,
my story
will be the seagull-girl
with steady eyes, arms
outstretched collecting the wind.

Jaffa Kintigh has previously been published in di-verse-city and Tres…

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