Saugatuck, Michigan

The Eunoia Review is kindly posting 6 of my poems over 3 days. This is second.

Eunoia Review

In stuttered movements,
my stiff feet stretch
and flex in the West Shore sands
as I make my way
from the dunes, sheathed
in marm grass and cottonwoods,
to the tide line’s shell crust.
Each step
to the bulkhead pretends
to be limber –

I pause here,
propped on two blocks
of the breakwater wall.
This vantage confirms
the unending mosaic
of gull prints layering the empty
beach. Graffiti is daubed
across one stone asserting,
The nice thing
about telling the truth—
you don’t have to remember
what you said.

Hundreds of lines, mumbled
as I sleep, have washed away.

I abandon
my stony perch.
Ahead lies a gull
brown-flecked in youth
and still
in death. Supine,
with flawless plumage.
Not a feather ruffled.
Her neck craned
almost comfortably.

Jaffa Kintigh has previously been published in di-verse-city and Tres di-verse-city as part of the Austin International Poetry Festival. He received…

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