Published Poems and Fantasy Writing Panels

6 of my poems have been picked for publication at The Eunoia Review as I mentioned 3-4 months back and that time has arrived, right as National Poetry Month wraps up. You can follow the link to see the first and follow them. Or, submit your works there. 2 more will post Friday, 2 Saturday and the 6th on Sunday morning. I don’t know what order they will be in, but they are:

“The Cellist”
“Saugatuck, Michigan”
“Lincoln Park Zoo in Late August”
“The Airing-Out”
“Thanksgiving Gathering”
“A Gathering of Four”

The link above leads to “The Cellist” which is about my maternal grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for over 20 years. She appears again in the poem “Gathering of Four” which ends showing my grandfather, her husband of 50 years, who had Parkinson’s at the end. Two more of the poems tie to key moments in my brother’s battle with cancer: “Lincoln Park . . . ” and “Thanksgiving . . .” [He is alive and well minus hips and kidneys.] Clearly, family is important to me. And yet I air our tougher moments . . .

Please support and follow The Eunoia Review.

Meanwhile, as I also delve into the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy when not immersed in poetry, C2E2 is this weekend and I’m going. This is the big Chicago Comic Convention and it has a huge publishing house presence there. And free books! Good ones. Last year, I snagged early copies of Red Rising, Pierce Brown’s debut novel, which went on to be my pick for best novel of 2014. I also picked up Half a King (Shattered Sea, #1) by Joe Abercrombie. Both now have sequels which I have read or am reading and enjoying better than their series opener.

If you are heading to C2E2, feel free to let me know. I will be there with Rick of Rickapedia and a couple others. Very excited to see Patrick Rothfuss again this year on a couple panels. On Friday, he is speaking with Jim Butcher about Butcher’s latest series, a steampunk one.


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