Review: “The Comeback” by Tara Tyler

3 of 5 stars.

Included in Chronology published by Curiosity Quills Press, this short story takes a light-hearted look at Obeah zombies. Jeremy has just found out that he has three months to live due to an inoperable brain tumor at the start of this tale. He and his girlfriend Jess decide to live it up to the end trying new thrilling things as they also finish out their senior year of high school. Jess also schedules an appointment with the mysterious self-styled shaman princess, Madame Z. who gives Jeremy a potion to take when his disease overwhelms his quality of life. Which, eventually he does. And he dies.

He awakens to find himself in his own coffin which sets off a whole new set of adventures, as Jeremy retains his sense of humor, his wits, and his unwavering love of Jess. Luckily, she is not so put off by his new state of things to abandon him. Together, they go in search of Madame Z for some answers and a better cure since zombie-dom was not what they had originally intended.

This tale is ridiculous and enjoyable.
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