Review: “Yours Until the Ink Dries” by Jordan Elizabeth

2 of 5 stars.

Included in Chronology published by Curiosity Quills Press, this confused tale unfolds over six weeks in the daily diary entries of adolescent loner, Zuby Bloom. Zuby lives on a sparsely residential coastal island near NYC. She spends much of her days drawing The Enchanted Ones [ie fairies] when not taking care of her grandmothers. Whether she sees or merely imagines the Enchanted Ones in locations all around the island is left vague as Zuby seems uncurious or unsure of the difference. She never once describes a single feature of a single “enchanted one” as she does her peer students that tease her relentlessly, so the idea that Zuby might actually be seeing them [which she never does ask herself, though it is frustratingly implied] is not helped by the story.

From this set-up, the story ignores its inconsistencies such as the state of Zuby’s hair, or how many children her uncle has, or where and when her father works, to lead up to a late-in-the-story twist [about the fairies]. It’s all too-too convenient, and eleventh hour.
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